SOASE Wing Commander Alliance – Kilrathi Defense Stations

At the end, because I can not finish my FOC mod at time for Xmas and it will take me more time. I have returned to the work with the Wing Commander mod. Other big point it was how I was starting to forget how edit the game and it could not be fun when I would return to edit SOASE.

Finally I added the Defense Station. A small and simple station armed with lasers. It has a upgraded version with missiles, very similar at concept to the Confederation station.

This is the version from the station armed with additional missile launchers. You can compare the size with other units, not too big, not too small. Enough for some like this.

These stations are important because I will add them as part of the defenses from the Starbase, the special space structure from the game, and it was not the unique additional station with these additional defenses. Kilrathi will be very similar at concept to the Confederation. Stations and weapons can be different but the role from things is similar.

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