SOASE Alliance – 1.6 for 1.86

I have added in the downloads section the 1.6 mod version created for the 1.86 with all the DLC.

Remember the 1.86 continues being installed in the ..\My Games\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion\Mods-Rebellion v1.85\..

The main change at this version are the compiled files and it increases the performance a lot. Specially loading the maps and more. Remember reload your LAA. At least by the moment, you must use it. In the future, if the 1.87 is released, the LAA will be integrated in the game and you will not need it again with your mods.

  • Javier Mallorquin

    Which maps you usually use to test and how many factions.

    • Usually I like more the maps with more of one star and no more of 6 factions. Systems of War is one of them.

      • Javier Mallorquin

        So you never test the single star large, vast, huge maps.

        • I have played sometimes the biggest maps but by defaults a map as systems of war with more stars consumes more resources than a map with more planets and one single star.