FOC Alliance – Legacy, Vendaxa and Borosk ground maps

Thanks. More news about ground maps. I continue working in them each day. Mostly I add one or four per day, no more, depending from the map, it can take many time. Today I go to show you Vendaxa, a ground map without nothing special and Borosk, a special planet because it is the stronghold planet. This planet will have a very defended space planet.

Borosk is a planet at continue fighting between the Fel Empire and the Krayt Empire military forces. It is the old frontier between the old Empire Remant and the old New Republic.

Well, by the moment I have made 16 ground maps. Some of them new at 100%, others are modifications from other maps. Both ways are very good for this type of mod. If I had made a complete ground map for each planet, I would need months.

In the same way by example, planets as Mon Calamari (renamed to Dac) will have a new ground map, Dac will have a ground map in the orbital docks or perhaps another strange thing. Of course the space map will be different.

Coruscant will show the Sith temple and it will be a lot darker. Other old planets will have other additions and changes. Everything thinking at to play a different and new GC, even if some planets are the same. 😉