FOC Alliance – Legacy, Iego ground map

Another ground map, this time from Iego, a very strange planet because it is deep in a nebula and at least if anybody change it, it has not a sun. It is probably one of the most strange planets from the SW universe. In the comics, it is the home from the Cade Skywalker’s uncle.

For it, I have added another simple ground map, fun but without nothing strange. I am showing you one per day and curiously the best are the last. Tomorrow, I will show you the ground map from Taivas, the moon from Zhar star system where the hidden Jedi Temple can be found. I have created even the Jedi Temple. However, even if it looks correct, the ground terrain is nothing special, probably you will need to wait to the Legacy era ground maps from Wayland, Sullust for more, at least I made these two today and yesterday, both very different to the previous, specially Sullust, a bigger map inspired in the images from SW Battlefront.

I want make new ground maps from Coruscant, Bastion, Mon Calamari but I have not started them by the moment and I do not go to speak about them without to know how they will be. Planets as Raltiir, Fondor, Kuat, Corellia will have ground maps with modifications. Of course the space maps will be different, at all the planets added before in the mod which you can find in the Legacy era.

For end, the GC, probably one single or two, no more GC from Legacy era, it will not be too big. I do not see the point from one very big GC when if it is big, you will not be able to finish it by the zero bytes error. With a size between 50 or no more of 75, there are enough planets for enjoy it for many time. Better few very complex and fun than many very simple and not too fun.

Well, this Iego.

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