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Title: Predator 2018 - The worse Predator seen before
Post by: Nomada_Firefox on September 19, 2018, 02:48:28 PM
I have watched the last film and I am surprised by one thing. The Predators seen in the film are the weakest Predators seen before, they are stupid, weak, they are defeated by a group of assholes.

The Predator seen before defeated a elite of commandos in the first film, in the second more commandos, the best cops, the best bad people from the Angeles, in the third we could see Predators fighting with nothing less than Aliens, in the fourth, more good soldiers and more aliens, even a mix of alien and predator, in the fifth the best soldiers get in the earth and now............what the fuck, a group of crazy soldiers with the addition from a stupid sniper and one girl without combat experience defeat the most dangerous hunter in the galaxy in many stupid combat scenes. Bad very bad.

Clearly Shane Black and his friend Fred Dekker have not watched a single movie or read a single comic from Predator. All we knew how this film could be easily bad because it could repeat again the same story/style and obviously it would not be more than another combat film. But from this to the last film..........there is a long road and they could make some better.

Recomendation, do not pay by this film. Save your money.