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EAW/FOC Alliance / Re: FOC Alliance Rebellion 1.0
« Last post by Nomada_Firefox on January 21, 2019, 05:15:44 PM »
Time to continue my old Total War GC. I reinstalled W10 the past weekend a I lost a lot of time configurating many things. I must say how the last W10 updates were a piece of shit, even I needed change the firmware from my Gskill KM780 keyboard. With my external recording hardware, an Avermedia LGP Lite the amount of troubles were more now I could get online everything. Now I can record a video and continue this old game where somethings as the filters do not run at 100% as in the last version because I started this game months ago.

Lately I am improving the battles, perhaps some of you do not like it, but you are wrong for sure. The AI needs cheat because it is not a human player and it is the unique way where you give to the AI the chances to win in a battle like this or at least put you in a more serious trouble. If the AI does not make more damage than you and everything must be the point from the AI making a better strategy movement, oh my god, the AI will be bad.

Other curious feature is capture ships by example with the Stormcommando, it is not difficult or impossible. Just one advice, when you use this feature, before the battle ends, I recomend you create quicksave game. When the game ends is the moment where I prefer click the F6 key creating a quicksave game than avoid this.

Why? because this code and the game are not perfect and it prevents any crash and if it crashs, you do not lose the completed battles. Yes, It is called quicksavegame but all we know how it is not fast......

In ground battles where you use thousands of units, I recomend the same quicksavegame before the battle ends, I prefers a lot the timing waiting than a crash where I must repeat battles and when you must repeat battles, you lose the interest in the game.

EAW/FOC Alliance / Re: FOC Alliance Rebellion 1.0
« Last post by Nomada_Firefox on January 18, 2019, 11:24:09 AM »
I'm updating the mod now. I had not this update in my plans but I go to reinstall windows 10 at my primary computer and I prefer backup the mod in steam with the last stuff. The point is how I added a new SSD, one 500GB Sandisk Ultra 3D because I had a 5 years old Samsung EVO 250GB, a bit slower and I wanted some faster but my Windows installation had more of 3 years, in the clone process some important things do not work very well and I prefer reinstall everything, everything will work a lot better but very probably I will not edit too much the game the next days.

These are the main changes:
-Improved AI target search.
-Increased reinforces reload from ground commanders and heroes.
-Improved Rebel Corvus Raider textures.
-Improved retreat and capture code.
-Added Corvus Raider Empire and Rebel galactic models.
-CIS Carrier engines fixed.
-Increased energy capacity from several small corvettes, transports and gunships. The shield recharge will be better.
-Command Ships can not retreat transports any more. Retreat transports were lost with all the troops.
-Default targeting priorities edited, most of the vehicles and infantry will not attack air units by default.
-Added new Imperial lieutenant model.
-Added new Stormtrooper models with new animations from tj666.
-Increased targeting max distance plex troopers.
-AT-TT sound walking fixed.
-First Order AT-AT price reduced.
-Added several walkers to the list of the Snowspeeder cable attack.
-Rebel Field Commander improved.
-Fixed Imperial Sentinel ground Transport death Clone.
-Added Imperial AT-RT improved by tj666.
-Added Imperial Scout improved by tj666.
-Added Imperial Novatrooper by tj666.
-Added Eweb trooper improved by tj666.
-Added Plex trooper improved by tj666.
Pero ya no tengo ningún problema, al menos tuve el mismo problema que RC3, pero lo solucioné.
Pues deberias probarlo. Quizas sea el problema.
¿Me hablas a mí? Si es así, no, no tengo Winrar.
EAW/FOC Alliance / Re: FOC Alliance Rebellion 1.0
« Last post by Nomada_Firefox on January 15, 2019, 05:17:27 PM »
Here I have a small preview from the next update and the Imperial soldiers made by tj666. There are many additions and changes. First the Stormtroopers have a 24 man company divided at two 12 man groups. These groups have soldiers with several different weapons, ranks, even a medic. Very different from the previous.

Other units as plextroopers, stormcommmando, heavy troopers, all them have new additions, even the building survivors will have changes.

At the same time, these new Imperial models have better animations, correct animations.

In addition, in the next upgrade infantry survival is bigger against big weapons, in fact most of the big vehicles can not target them easily. At the same time the infantry can damage heavy vehicles, just a bit but they can damage it and if a heavy walker is attacked by several infantry companies, probably it will suffer enough damage.

Other point, air ground units, by default controlled by the human player, you can target air units with all the units, nothing can prevent this, other point is the accuracy. But previously nothing told to the AI how it should not fire the airs units and easily it could kill your air units. Now the AI will not destroy the air units with everything in the battlefield and your air units will be more time alive. At the same time, your units will not target air units by default, you target them manually. At least with the units which they are not anti-air units.

With these changes the ground combat is better, I should have made these changes before but I centered in other more important things.   :(

Curiosidad ¿teneis instalado Winrar?
Hola, creo que puedo ayudarte con tu problema, primero instala el mod incluso si ocurre el error y luego crea un archivo de texto ingresando esto: swfoc MODPATH=Mod\FOC_Alliance_8.0_2DVDs
luego renombra la extensión.bat para lanzar el mod que hagas click sobre ella, creo que funcionará, lo siento por mi español, uso un traductor.
EAW/FOC Alliance / Re: FOC Alliance Rebellion 1.0
« Last post by Nomada_Firefox on January 14, 2019, 03:21:33 PM »
Finally Nawrocki has finished the Supremacy new skin. Now the model from Warb_Null looks much better. This week will be in the mod. It will not be the next improve, there will be many infantry additions, specially from the Empire with new animations from tj666. I will show you them the next days.

EAW/FOC Alliance / Re: FOC Alliance 8.0 2DVDs & FOC Alliance 8.0X GOG
« Last post by Gabriel_Solo on January 12, 2019, 08:18:34 PM »
Me sucedió lo  mismo. personalmente y sin pensar mucho sobrescribí la carpeta data de la carpeta MOD en la catrpeta del juego.
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