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Instead of to add new units, I would be more interested in integrate somethings inside the mod.

The first would be the Rebellion mod, just it is some new GC, the unique problem can be the reduction of the building speed. But I have a funny idea about how reduce the building speed...

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26 May 2018 - Star Wars Solo

This weekend the film has been released, I have not watched it but everything look as the worse Star Wars film ever. I was hearing the music and it is bad, very very bad, it is as the music from a fantasy stupid film from 30 years ago...........

When I watch the film if I watch it, I...

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I have created a google spreadsheets where publish my changes in the mod. It can be useful if you want know what I add or fix.

You can read it here.
I have released two new versions from the 8.0.

FOC Alliance 8.0 2DVDs is only for the first game versiĆ³n, no Gold and sold at 2 different DVDs. One for the Star Wars Empire at War and other for the Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption.

FOC Alliance 8.0X GOG is only ...

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11 May 2018 - FOC Alliance Credits

This is the most update video from the FOC Alliance credits. You can watch it in the main menu from the game just clicking in the credits button, it is better than a text file never seen by people.;)

Syfy channel has announced the cancelation from this fantastic tv-serie after the season 3 , at my opinion it is a shame and it shows because you can not watch a serie in this channel where they cancel everything in their hands without good reasons.Read More

Lately I was thinking to create a new mod starting from zero without to take my FOC Alliance and remove somethings. It would be some as a FOC Light Alliance without to add more units than in the original or at least a small number more. I would like to create it with somethings which I can not make...

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I have made some changes and I have published a new patch at

It is the patch 3 for the 1.06d&1.06e. Probably you will be curious about because this patch is for both versions. The reason is how it works with both ver...

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Now with a bit more of time and other things, I have made three new things. The first is remove the X version from the FOC Alliance main mod in Steam Workshop. It was unnecesary because the X version is from a special and descafeinated version.

The second is announce this mod at...

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This is my favourite list of films for the rest of the year 2018.

*Avengers: Infinity War. 23 April 2018.

I have watched all the Avengers, Iron Man, Ant Man, Black Panther, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Spiderman and Thor films. I like these heroes and I have comics from...

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