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Hi, loving your mod, but I'm having an issue with the ground units. For some reason First Order images are being used for ground units. Some factions just have the infantry/police units design replaced by First Order images. The Galactic Empire, though, has *all* of it's units replaced with First Or...

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I start a new thread for to speak about the last version in EAW Steam, this mod will not be released in other game versions because it would be useless. It is the unique game version with multiplayer, the global and the zero bytes errors fully fixed. The point from a version for other games where...

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Lately I am thinking about what was better. The lmited fleets in galactic mode is probably more realistic. The Unlimited fleets in battles is fun but clearly the affect more to one battle performance.

I have not any preference, I can live with both. In fact. Lately I was thinking if use...

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I would like to know the computer hardware from the people playing my mods. Just the CPU and graphics card is insteresting.

If you want to know, this is my main computer.

Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB

Additionally I have not send to the trash my old...

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Everybody needs play other things occasionally or you will get bored playing always the same. The last years, I like play more strategy games, with turns or at real time. Grey Goo is one of my last adquisitions, I bought it this year by 0,99€ with a discount from Humble Bundle. I knew it from b...

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Yes, it is very close to be a remake from the second old film from this saga. I suspected this before I watched the last film. But after watch the film.......It is more clear than water, the story is a bit different but the goal is the same. Get the dinosaurs inside the civilization taking them...

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Instead of to add new units, I would be more interested in integrate somethings inside the mod.

The first would be the Rebellion mod, just it is some new GC, the unique problem can be the reduction of the building speed. But I have a funny idea about how reduce the building speed...

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26 May 2018 - Star Wars Solo

This weekend the film has been released, I have not watched it but everything look as the worse Star Wars film ever. I was hearing the music and it is bad, very very bad, it is as the music from a fantasy stupid film from 30 years ago...........

When I watch the film if I watch it, I...

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I have created a google spreadsheets where publish my changes in the mod. It can be useful if you want know what I add or fix.

You can read it here.
I have released two new versions from the 8.0.

FOC Alliance 8.0 2DVDs is only for the first game versión, no Gold and sold at 2 different DVDs. One for the Star Wars Empire at War and other for the Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption.

FOC Alliance 8.0X GOG is only ...

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