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Bueno, tras mucho pensarlo, he decidido paralelamente hacer un nuevo mod partiendo de cero que se basara en el viejo juego SW Rebellion. Este mod sera lo más parecido a dicho juego y tendra las siguientes caracteristicas:

-Solamente tendra inicialmente las unidades que habia para cada b...

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02 Mar 2014 - Unit List?

Is there a list the the units I can build on each side that I can look up so that I can figure out what each side can build? I am having trouble figuring out of a certain side has a certain unit it can build when I play. For example the Saboath destroyers. Or where I can get a certain hero in the...

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Everytime I try to run the .exe file in 4.7B.part08 using WinRAR,I keep getting errors saying "Unexpected end of archive" or the volume is corrupt and the file is corrupt for no reason. I tried using the part01 4.7 file and it still didn't work. BTW I downloaded the version files from gamefront.

21 Feb 2014 - Units disappearing D:

Units like the AT-AH are buildable after a construct the advanced factory.  I built some, went through a few battles and went to build more and they and other units were gone!

The only units I could still build from the advanced factory were:

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Few days ago the mod was showed at Petroglyph facebook and at Petroglyph Twitter

10 Feb 2014 - The Screenshots Thread

Evidently, a thread only for screenshots to be posted.

Some fresh ones.

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09 Feb 2014 - Kessel mission too hard

Im trying to play the rebellion galactic mission campaign, everything went smooth until the kessel mission, i have to bring at least 20 y-wing to even attempt at the mission, but my units see the shuttles as enemys, and just destroys them. any idea how to get through it?
Hi when I start any GC conflict on any difficulty I go and build my fleet and ground forces as normal. After I send my fleet over to any planet controlled by any type of hostile fraction the battle warning comes up as normal, then I click on begin battle then begins to load GC battle then instantly...

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07 Feb 2014 - Annoying Crash

I installed alliance 4.7B, and then updated it to 5.0.

Everything is fine until I get to the end of a battle and it crashes!

I assume this is the 64 bit windows crash that happens with this mod, but I thought it was already fixed in 5.0! I even tried applying the supposed fix...

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Hola, hace tiempo que no entro por aquí. Me descargué la nueva versión del alliance mod 4.7b pero como tengo un Win 7 64 bits me tira al escritorio durante la partida. He ido a bajarme el parche FOC Alliance 64bits Fix;sa=view;down=154 pero me d...

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