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I Cannot seem to get the Star Wars mod to work after I Purchased the  New DLC. Am i not installing it correctly?? After I follow the down load instructions and start the game the game crashes to the start meni. Help please
I just downloaded the 3.0 and everything is green. Everything works except this. I reinstalled it several times. I have the steam version (workshop doesn't install for me so I used the one on the website)
Basically what the title says. I have been unable to find any other version besides the Gold, and while I do have the retail (one disc version) it has never really functioned with this beautiful mod. Would the Steam Gold work better?

Just not a question to our lord & saviour Nomada but to...

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The series is good, different, bad by the change in the klingon ships, probably it is the worse from the film. But is sad discover how it starts to look as a remake from the Star Trek Voyager set in another time era. I like it thinking in a good TV series is not probably a good star trek...

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This is a pack only for modders with several ship images from Federation Star Trek TOS era. The ships only need the top cell images which they can be completed with the game cells editor and default top image added in the pack for each unit.

By the moment I have uploaded only the first...

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Hello all !  :)

Thank you for this awesome mod but i have one question. Where download legacy addon (empire krayt, etc ...) ? i have the version 7.62

21 Sep 2017 - Green units

Hello, I've downloaded the steam version of FOC as you suggested, then downloaded the latest of your mod, the default extract is into steamapps, I now have green models instead of having the actual textures. You instructed me to reinstall the game, I have done that 3 times now. were you ...

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Hello there, me and my friend were looking to play out a conquest together, but sadly we have not been able get any of the ones listed in the multiplayer section working, and we were wondering if this mod was even compatible with multiplayer conquests? (or at least yet that is.)
I want to start off by saying that this is the only mod I use anymore as it simply outclasses even the best of other available mods.  However, I am experiencing an issue where the buildable anti infantry, anti vehicle turrets and bridge command structures do not fire.  They aim, but just do not shoo...

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hi, why are almost all ships with green textures in the newest update? How do i get the normal ones?
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