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this mod is amazing I really love it the units the plaints the factions its amazing but the random crashing I have tried everything steam version CD version playing the latest version of the mod on a small map nothing works I prey one day it gets fixed but I cant take it anymore its to...

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This is my last mod at progress. I started it today and I wait a fast but slow progress because clearly I will not use all my hours of free time for it.

Mostly you can wait improves, I do not go to add any new unit, faction or other thing. I am adding the last features developed for my...

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21 Jul 2017 - Some trouble with jedi

Hello have some trouble with jedi. When i try desrtoy build or after destroyed jedi get freezes (Details on vid)

15 Jun 2017 - Compatibility

Just a quick question, will I be able to run this mod on the Gold version ?

02 Jun 2017 - FOC Alliance Gameplays

I created this for anyone including myself to share your gameplay footage. I'll post on here every time I upload a new Alliance video.

Here's is me starting a GC on the new Total War II. I am playing as the Empire on this one but in future I will do other GC's playing as the other faction...

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It's a dumb question I know, but how do I launch it? I can't find an executable to launch and when I launch the game itself it launches vanilla.

21 May 2017 - Otra duda sobre 7.62xb

Hola a todos. Gracias firefox por la respuesta aun no consigo encontrar solucion por eso voy a describirte con mas exactitud lo que pasa. gracias.

Tengo la version gold de star wars empire at war. Instalo el mod donde esta swfoc.exe, sobreescribo arxivos cuando me lo pide. Empiezo a...

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18 May 2017 - Duda sobre 7.62xb

Hola instalo el forces of corruption y encima el mod 7.62xb. Cuando juego no atacan apenas nada. Que ocurre?
Hola, Su definitivamente ha sido un tiempo desde que he estado por última vez en estos foros, y las cosas han sido definitivamente cambiado visualmente a los foros. No recuerdo exactamente dónde publicar esto, así que estoy haciendo un nuevo tema sólo para estar seguro.

Hace un tiempo, No...

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Exception in thread 44A8 - Main Thread
    The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.
    Attempt to read from address 00000000

Exception occurred at 0072A9C8 - Unk...

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