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Author Topic: Rogue One - Opinion - Attention Spoilers!  (Read 410 times)


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Rogue One - Opinion - Attention Spoilers!
« on: December 18, 2016, 10:33:54 AM »
At the end, I have watched the film. I go to be short. The story is good, the actors are good, the effects are good, the models used are good. Only there are some small things which I do not like but clearly they have a direct relation with the TV serie Rebels. I go to explain you.

In the end of the film, there is a space battle. If you have watched the film, you will see how a Imperial Star Destroyer is disabled by a group of Y-Wings and after it, the Admiral Raddus tells how he has a plan, a stupid plan, he sends a Hammerhead Corvette against one side from the disabled ISD and this corvette push the ISD against other ISD and next it crash against the shield station. All the action remember me to the Rebels TV serie because it is stupid and very childish.

From my point of view, according to the things seen at films, the first time that the ISD had been disabled, it should had been attracted by the planet gravity. If it had crashed with the shield station from this way, it had been a lot more fun.

At the end, you can see how in the end of the film, the director had problems adding more scenes and there was more stupid situations. Mostly at the end, it is the typical film from the protagonists are put again and again other time at a impossible situation. Each time more stupid.

At the end, the film is not bad, you will enjoy it, it has his moment, the end.......well, there are some vacancies in the Rebellion. You will know because you did not know about the Admiral Raddus. The final from the protagonist is clearly bad, nobody survives. I told you about the spoilers.;)

About the best scene. The Juggernauth in the begining.

The worst scene, ignoring the ISD crash. Clearly the begining titles. At 7 films, we have watched the gold titles explaining the Star Wars Story, now, we have not watched nothing of this. I dislike it and I supposed it after heard the music before I watched the film. Remove it, it was lost the most pure essence of Star Wars.

Other bad thing is probably the lights from the ISD engines, after we could seen at all films and many sources how they were white, now, they have painted them blue, smaller and very probably bad. I do not like it and I will not use nothing of this. In fact, if you want see how I go to follow the Disney rules, you are wrong. From my perspective Disney has set a main rule, there is not canon and everything can be broken. By this reason, I will use the old canon and I will adapt things from the new as more I like and specially more convenient be.

From my point of view, if anybody follow the Disney new canon at 100%, it is because he does not know nothing about Star Wars.

Other point, it is how clearly we can not make a change of mind from the Disney executivers because we need watch the films and other things before we judge them. But we can show to the public how we do not accept their new universe re-make at 100%.

Speaking about the music, it is not John Williams as you probably know. Michael Giacchino has taken some small pieces from other music made by John Williams for Star Wars films and he has made a score a bit more darker. It is not perfect because I had liked something remembering more to the previous.

In fact Michael Giacchino is bad in the scenes with more action. Other bad point is how Michael Giacchino music remembers to the music from other films made by him, Jurassic World and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes can be the music more similar. In the words from compositors, it is normal because most of the people share things between films. It is the signature from each compositor. It happened a lot with John Williams but..........he has made a lot less films. Many very good but a lot less. Michael Giacchino has made a lot more, some of them very bad.

Now I am thinking what I can add at my mods.........however, I repeat, the music from action is not very wonderful.

At the end, I enjoyed the film. It could be worse because most of the films are made for people with ages between 18 and 22 years which they do not know nothing about many things. This is clearly the reason. I read about it from a old Monty Python member when he comes this year to Spain, he told how there are good guionist but films are made for this type of people and by this reason there are many bad films.
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