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Author Topic: Thinking about a new Light Alliance proyect lately............  (Read 651 times)


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Lately I was thinking to create a new mod starting from zero without to take my FOC Alliance and remove somethings. It would be some as a FOC Light Alliance without to add more units than in the original or at least a small number more. I would like to create it with somethings which I can not make in the FOC Alliance.

What is the point? the FOC Alliance is very big, I can not remove or reduce or improve it more. It is not possible. If I start a smaller proyect, perhaps I can make some better but very fun. I would take pieces from the FOC Alliance but not all.

As you know, I released one Light Alliance in the past and it had the point from to run better, specially in bad computers.

Well, this is just a proyect. We can considered it as the test version from the summer, all the summers I create some new and I do not promise to finish it. But I enjoy to create these things. It is not the first time that I make it.

You can post suggestions. Not about units or factions additions. I can add some very special units from the normal FOC Alliance but it is clear how it would be a very small mod. I have not the intention from to use unit filters and you can imagine no more of 24 space units and space structures. The maps would be the same from the FOC Alliance with few changes.
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