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Author Topic: Grey Goo - The biggest unknown from Petroglyph  (Read 939 times)


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Grey Goo - The biggest unknown from Petroglyph
« on: July 05, 2018, 11:48:51 AM »
Everybody needs play other things occasionally or you will get bored playing always the same. The last years, I like play more strategy games, with turns or at real time. Grey Goo is one of my last adquisitions, I bought it this year by 0,99€ with a discount from Humble Bundle. I knew it from before, it was the game were I saw the walls and I added by this walls to the FOC Alliance.

Now, playing the game, I am very surprised by one thing. The videos between battles, the story is very good and the aliens are made as in a big film. Few times I saw this quality in a game and lately, nobody use animations like these. Very curious.

About the game itself, it is a RTS, similar to the EAW and C&C from Petroglyph/Westwood. If you do not know it, Petroglyph was formed by most of the Westwood creators. Mostly they are the same company and they continue making RTS. Perhaps not with the same success than C&C games but not bad in a world where there are not too many RTS like these.

"Like these" is not a synonymous of perfection. If you watch the videos, this game remembers a lot to the older C&C games where many times, you could not win without a big amount of units, even if these units were the weakest. Here happens the same, in the first battle from the video, I have many type of different units but they are useless. What is the point from air bombers if the enemy has thousands of AA turrets which they can destroy a bomber in seconds? it is bad, I know how some people like these style because even I like it. I can see it in my FOC Alliance mod where people are thinking more at build thousands of units than to study the differences between them and they do not understand how a unit can not be defeated by other weaker, nothing new.

However here, it is fun. The game has very good graphics. Smooth is probably a impossible word with this level of detail, amount of units and this engine which it is a most modern version from the ALO used in EAW/FOC.

Well, enjoy how I lose the second battle from the video but I was looking more other things as the units. This game has good ideas and perhaps one day, we see a new Petroglyph game with a similar engine. At least I would not be surprise if there is a new patch for EAW Steam in the future or even a new DLC or game version. It looks as if the game has good sales, Disney is not very happy with EA, EA has not the full rights for Star Wars games and Disney can order what it likes and at least Petroglyph has confirmed how they would like to create a new game and they have not told me nothing about how the last patch would be the last.

Anyway, probably the sales from EAW Steam will mark the future from the game.

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