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Author Topic: Terminator Dark Fate  (Read 971 times)


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Terminator Dark Fate
« on: May 29, 2019, 04:05:49 PM »
In some months a new film from the Terminator universe will see the light. It will be very interested because it has been produced by James Cameron and directed by Tim Miller. The first was the creator from the saga and the second curiously was the director from Dead Pool by example. After some revelations both points are very important.

First James Cameron has told how the film must be considered as the third firm from the saga because it is directed relationated with the Terminator 2 film. The point from Tim Miller is because the film has a calification R, it is a adults film and probably by this reason Tim Miller was chosen as the director because Dead Pool was another type R film.

A type R film is a big bet by James Cameron because it can reduce the amount of people watching the film, it is not the usual thing in a super producction.

Another point was the trailer. Most of the people after watch it, they say how the CGI in the film is poor, everything is poor in the trailer with exception from some strange parts, one from a old Sarah Connor saying "because I was her" and other looking Arnold Schwarzenegger where we can not know for sure if he is a Terminator or a normal old man.

Now, after discover how the film is a type R, I can imagine because the trailer is very poor, because the trailer is not type R and it shows very few from the film. But it deserves be watched.

You can watch the last trailer here and judge.

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