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Author Topic: Star Trek TOS - last version  (Read 1327 times)


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Star Trek TOS - last version
« on: March 12, 2019, 10:05:09 AM »
I have updated the mod few moments ago. These are the main changes/additions.
-Added new Federation level starbases.
-Added new Klingon level starbases.
-Added new Romulan level starbases.
-Improved Space Disruptor proyectiles.
-Improved planets in galactic map.
-Improved most of the ship's death animations.
-Added one GC only for TOS era units and other GC where the change between TOS and TMP will be marked by the human player and the AI can not get advantage researching faster the most modern units.

I have removed the number version in Steam because it is not neccesary, you can read all the story list of changes and this is what set the new version about the others.
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