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Author Topic: 2019 films-Watched and not yet watched(Spoiler Alert)  (Read 122 times)


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2019 films-Watched and not yet watched(Spoiler Alert)
« on: May 06, 2019, 03:20:39 PM »
All years I speak about the new upcoming films, this year I could not speak you before about my opinions. Much better because I have watched some of them.

By the moment, I have watched these.

From the last 2018.

-Mortal Engines.
The story from this film should had been created as a special Mad Max film. But it was made a child adventure in a broken world, following the events from a book story few read. At the end, zero publicity=bad sales. We can see easily how Game of Thrones won a lot spending a lot of money in publicity, thanks to it, even the people which they do not like the tv serie, they speak about it.

Fun but bad at relation with the adventures seen in the previous Transformer film and a bit childish.

It was the best last film from 2018. Very fun. Everybody can enjoy it even if you did not know about the characters. In fact, it is better if you did not read any Aquaman comic. :) With this film, we knew about one big trouble from DC's heroes films. They have lost to Henry Cavil interpreting Superman and Ben Affleck is out with Batman. We do not know if we will watch another film with all the Justice League and now Wonderwoman and Aquaman are a bit alone. With the Flash there was a proyect for a film but if I am not wrong, it is fully stopped. Better, I do not like the man interpreting him at comparation with the good performance from the tv series.


-Alita Battle Angle.
A great film, very fun, correct with the story but it had a problem, Disney spend millions of dolars in its new films, Alita Battle Angel producers did not spend a single dolar and when the film was released, many people did not know anything about the story. Even if many knew the story by the manga comics and older films, it was not a story knew by all the possible viewers. I am worried about if we will see a second film.

-Captain Marvel.
Bad begining, the start is not very fantastic, it has few characters, it was the tipical Marvel film with lower cost but the Captain Marvel was very fun in the last 25% and the powerful woman character is very good. However I would considerer it a bit marimacho, a woman acting as a men, in Avengers Endgame, we can watch more of this. I would not considerer it very feminist, more a woman searching other woman. But I am ok with this.

Very fun, it has very good jokes, the action is correct and it has a very good start, half of the film and very good end.

-Avengers Endgame.
Very fun, the begining from the 75% of the film is very good but you will not like the end, perhaps. I liked it. Probably it is the best film from the year. It had a lot of publicity but it is very good. The story is very similar to the things seen in comics where we could see stories joining all the heroes in a page. You can watch the same here. Time travels and alternative dimensions are things seen in comics. Killed characters? nobody are killed in a arc story where there are time travel and alternative dimensions. They can wake up any character again when they want, even Thanos. It is the big difference with Star Wars, this is the reason because they should had respected more the UE. In Star Wars, there are not time travel or alternative dimensions. Now after kill everything, the unique alternative is the for sure failure from a remake.

Anyway, Avengers Endgame in some ways remembered me the end from the Episode II joining all the Jedi and bad guys in one image. I would see a film as Avengers Endgame in Star Wars. It was very good.

About the money won by Disney with it..........well, they spend at least 200 millions only in the actors and actress. We do not know the money spend in publicity, probably a lot. At the end, they put a lot in the film and perhaps they have won less than with Captain Marvel. Very probably.

What will I watch for sure.

-Spiderman Far from Home. It is not my favourite film, probably I wil watch it but the previous film was a bit childish

-Terminator Dark Fate. Very curious not watch yet a trailer from it. Cameron is producing the film and probably it makes the film better, a lot better than before.

-Star Wars Rise of the Skywalker. With exception from the Death Star crashed in the surface of Endor, I do not like anything about it. When you have watched Avengers Endgame, even Captain Marvel, you understand how bad are the new Star Wars films.

Now I do not remember more incoming films but probably there are more.
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