FOC Alliance – Legacy, Had Abaddon ground map

Another new ground map. Had Abaddon, a poor planet from the deep core. You can know about it in the Vector comics from Legacy era. Vector is a story followed at several collections from the old Star Wars comics published by Dark Horse, it started if I am not wrong with the Old Republic comics, followed with the Clone Wars comics, Empire comics and Legacy, at least I saw the continuation from the story at these comics.

The planet itself is not too important, just the base from a Krayt Empire base. By this reason, it did not need nothing too elegant. It is a desert in the deep core. Most of the planets from the deep core are deserts.


  • Max

    Que buena pinta va teniendo todo esto <3

    • Y más que va a tener cuando muestre todos los mapas modificados o nuevos del todo.