FOC Alliance – Rebellion version reloaded video I

This is my older proyect reloaded. The point from this proyect is the addition from realistic building times. Specially for starships. But where you can reduce the building times with more shipyards.

In the video clearly you can watch how build a Imperial Star Destroyer in a planet where there are a single shipyard can take more of 8 weeks, more of 2 months and it is the building time from Kuat, a planet where units are builded faster. If we compare this building times with other Star Wars sources or the old game Rebellion. They are realistic.

Now in the video, I build 5 shipyards at Fondor and it reduces a lot the building time from the ISD. Some less of 4 weeks with the 5 shipyards. If I had builded the SSD shipyard, it had reduced the time a few more. Some heroes reduce the building timings.

But not everything take a lot of time. Ground factories and starbases, things which they are builded with deploying modular conveyors, they can be builded at weeks. Upgrades from units are faster.

Other similar factories as the capital shipyards, they are the frigate/corvette shipyard and the fighter/bomber factory. Building more of them, faster you will buy the units.

About ground units. They depend from the number of factories. When more factories you have, more faster you will build the ground units.

Other point from this special version, it is how ground units are builded at groups. They will remember you the old Rebellion game.

For end. I am testing with it the re-creation from my old campaign removed from the X version. However I do not go to promise anything about if I will finish it. By the moment, it is not more than my personal mod where I test the most strange things.;)