FOC Alliance – New campaign and next work schedule

Now you know what will be my schedule after the Legacy era. Yes, I have started it but I work at it just as a refresh from the other work.

Anyways, the new campaign will add somethings from the older but with some changes. In the older campaign, you played missions where you have a group of initial units which you could not change. In the new campaign, you will set your to start units. It will make missions more dynamics. Once you start the battles, there will not be too many things telling you objectives, the missions will be mostly a text telling you a mission objective and nothing more.

Of course, you will see curious things as the Battle of Endor where the Rebel Alliance takes the planet and you must attack them. When the battle start, the Death Star 2 at construction will be with your forces. But the Rebels can have a starbase in the planet. 😛

Other point from the Battle of Endor, it is how you will not see the Executor or a big group of ISD if you do not go with them. Clearly, it will be more an attack than a ambush but it will be fun. With the Rebel Alliance will be similar. You will need to move a fleet to Endor with the Millenium Falcon and the Home One or you will not see them in the battle.

Now remembering, the Death Star is lost in the begining, at least if you do not use the auto resolve. The Tarkin Station is unlocked with one mission where you must gather additional credits and the Death Star II is unlocked if you win the Battle of Endor. If you lose, you will be at a retreat and several systems will return to the hands of the Rebels. Ah if you conquer some special planets in the GC, there will be a windfall mission where other planets will joint the Empire.

You can see how I have added a lot more of things in the GC. I hope all these things to run with the Steam/GOG/Gold versions without problems. It should be. However, I will work in the for sure.

Other thing which I will add in the GC, it will be some new videos. Probably I will add some missions seen in the older Xwing/TIE Fighter games and very probably, I will replace some planets as Dagobah. I do not see the point from conquer it. It is very out place.