FOC Alliance – Rebellion campaign more features

Today I have some additions for the campaign. First a planet, Javin with the D-34 station. Perhaps you know it from the TIE Fighter game. If you have played it, you have seen it in the first campaign missions. I am adding a complete mission based in the events from this old game. Have fun.

I have for you other mission events from the campaign. All them very good. First the pursue from the Rebel One.

There will be some missions for conquer several planets and benefits by conquer several others. Conquer Mon Calamari by example, it will cause revolts in the Alliance planets. This feature will remember you the old Rebellion game.;)

Other curious mission is the unlock from the Tarkin Station where you must gain 100.000 credits.

The purpose from all these missions, even if they are simple. It is give you a purpose, a roadmap in the conquer of the galaxy. It is not anymore conquer planets without nothing more than destroy enemy units at battle. You must follow a path and I must say how I find it a lot more fun. I enjoy the game a lot more.

In the same way, the speed limits, more realistic building units, they give a more strategic view from the galactic mode. I have added a lot more of options giving you more strategic.

Unfortunately, the missions have a price. The time building all this is huge. I do not wait to end this soon and very probably, I will release it by ages. First the Galactic Civil War. Even perhaps first I will release the Empire and next the Rebel Alliance campaign from this time era. To create these things slowly is even important because everything must be thought slowly and carefuly.

Ah other point, at previous campaigns, from me and the original game. You follow a path, you must make one after the other. Here there will be a path but many missions can be made without follow any path, at the same time than others, but you will follow your own path. Only some special missions are unlocked after others. It gives to the game a point more dynamic.