Firefight-Probably the game most similar to the old Close Combat games

This is a video from the last Firefight version, you can find it at Steam

It is a small and cheap 2D game very similar to the old 2D Close Combat games but with some better features. By example, Firefight has a complete zoom. It is the best feature probably. You can change the view distance from the battlefield moving the mouse wheel.

There was a older version for Windows. It added several factions from the WWII and different campaigns. It was poorer than the new at graphics but it was fun for an old and cheap game. Even there was mods as one from Vietnam. The game can be edited easily.

Now the last Steam version adds better graphics but by the moment it has not a campaign. It adds 9 maps with different missions from Frech, Brithish, Germans and Americans. However the game will be upgraded with the past of the time and it has a complete map editor. Modding and creation of maps continue being easy in the new Steam version.

About the video, I have choosen a battle with several Tigers about some Brithish. I will not win any medal by this, it is not easy and I am new in the game but it is fun. There are other missions with other vehicles, only infantry, mix from infantry and vehicles. Enough for enjoy your time.

As you can see, it is not a perfect game, the vehicle pathfinding problems from the old 2D Close Combat games is generic from probably all the 2D games. Nothing strange. However the game continues being fun.

Ah originally, it was a IOS game, the apple OS and you can find a version for it.