FOC Alliance – Rebellion campaign, Sepan mission

This is a video showing the Sepan mission where you must stop a Civil War between the Ripoblus and Dimoks, the habitants from two planets in the same system.

Because clearly I can not create the same than the old TIE Fighter game because it was a simulator and FOC is a RTS. I have made some based in the same thing.

At this special space battle, you enter the system and you find the Ripoblus and Dimoks fighting between them. When you reach a position in map, both factions join forces against your units. It was the same seen in the last mission from the TIE Fighter campaign.

After this space mission, you must conquer a planet. Unfortunately, a planet with two ground maps is not possible. Perhaps I could make one for the Ripoblus and other for the Dimoks but it was not a very good solution.

When you conquer the planet, you will see the mission ends text and few seconds after it, the complete video from this campaign in the TIE Fighter game. Have fun.