FOC Alliance – Rebellion campaign, two Imperial missions more

Well, after many troubles testing somethings, I could add another two missions. For them I added two planets more. Pakuuni and Javin as I said before. There is another new planet Sepan. It will add other mission. The last mission added, Pakuuni is the defense from a station and the escort from some transports. The planet begins with the Rebel Alliance and you start the mission the first time than you enter it. One point very important, the missions are finished when you conquer the planet. Other important point is how you can not repeat if you fail the main space or ground mission.

Repeat missions is not realistic and it is a mess of code with many problems. Well, with lucky, I will add the Sepan mission tomorrow.

Perhaps you think it, I am adding many planets. True and false. I am removing others as Dagobah, I do not go to make a campaign with thousands of planets. Just the fun and neccesary.;)



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