FOC Alliance 7.6X – Turbolaser proyectiles

Lately I have been workin with the proyectiles, specially with the turbolaser, it is a long work but I want improve them a bit. By this reason, I made a complete research (again probably) about them.

At first place the turbolaser are a big headache because curiously, there are not many examples in the films about how they should be. These are some of the situations where turbolaser can be seen in the films clearly.

-Episode I. We can see a quad cannon from the Lucrehulk. It fires 4 shots at same time and it looks as if it needs some time recharging them.

-Episode III. The Venator turrets fire two shots at same time. Again, they look as if they need some time recharging.

-Episode IV. A Death Star turbolaser firing two shots at same time and with rounds from 3. It is probably one of the best examples.

There are other points in the films where we can see units firing but we can not see what is firing the lasers really. Only in the Episode VII wih the finalizer turrets and at Rogue One, we can see it again. At both, turrets usually fire one shot from a round of two or four. Perhaps they are consecuence from the change of creators. George Lucas probably liked the other way more.

Anyway, I have made a mix from all them. This is a image with some of them.

Next. There are more changes. By example the named SSD turbolaser in the image, it is fired with 4 pulses (the rounds). Other point is how the most powerful turbolasers have higher reload times.

The Quad Imperial turbolaser is fired with one pulse. However, the named ISD2 turbolaser is fired with 3 pulses and it has a smaller reload time but it makes a lot less damage than a more powerful turbolaser.

The ISD2 turret proyectil is used by the main turrets from a ISD2 and other ships. It is more powerful and it has a different reload time. Other ships uses a similar proyectil with different damage.

Rebel unis by example uses things similar to the Imperials but they are not used by the same class of units.

Clearly you can see how there is a special proyectile for the CIS Lucrehulks by example. A quad turbolaser fired at one pulse.

Other curious things can be how the Mandator MKI fires a three lasers proyectile from its main weapons and the Mandator MKII a four lasers proyectile. Things and changes like these can be seen around other units in the mod.

At the end. Chaging the reload times, the fire angles and the proyectiles make the space battles more realistic, with less lasers involved and with ships which they must be moved if you want to use all their potential.