FOC Alliance 7.6X – Last improves before the release

Now without the main errors fixed which they made a bit tricky to play with the Gold, Steam or GOG versions. Clearly I prefer improve everything the maximun that I can. However, there are chances that I release the mod this weekend or the monday. Just I need some small adjustments and everything will be enough for a new version.

Enough can sound you very few but if you check the list of improves here , it is a lot of work and I want continue my work with the Legacy era.

In the same, there will be new versions with more changes in the future. Nawrocki probably, he will add new skins for the new graphic changes and I want improve the space and ground maps a bit more but these things will take more time and there is not reason for do not release the new version one day of these.

About, the last changes, they are some new improves in the turbolaser proyectiles and the last improve in the AI from the additional factions.

Now perfect or not, I am sure how I go to release it one day of these.;)