FOC Alliance 7.6X – Clone Wars improves

These is a example about some of the new features from the mod and specially from the Clone Wars.

I have added descriptions in the planets about what special structures can be builded in them. There are new things as Ground Mines, Farms and Stock Market. All them give additional income but…….it is random, some weeks is better than others.

In the text descriptions from planets, you can what type of structures can contain.

Some of these buildings can be builded one time per planet. Other point is how some structures can be builded only when you have a starbase type or when you build previously a number of other ground structures which it gives you a ground level. If you need a level 3, you must build before three ground structures.

Another new feature are some new filters for the space units, it will let you to see only a type of units. It is created by class but as always, it is more matter of size.

It is a work at progress but it is almost finished.