FOC Alliance 7.6X-Clone Wars improves II

I continue working in the next version of the mod the fast I can. There are many things improved and many things which I must improve but I am closer now.

Lately I have been working mostly in the space units from the CIS, I want find the best abilities for them and balance with weapons. It takes many time and it needs many test but I am very close now, however the seen in the video is not the final version from many units.

You can see how I fixed the circle used with the barrage and other abilities from the CIS and other factions. It was missing.

The Lucrehulks are a piece of headache, they are worse starships than many others because they are as a sphere and by default, all the weapons can not target the same enemy unit. In the video, you can see how I have added a special barrage, in the final version I have fixed the problem because it was too long and I have reduced the power a bit. However from my point of view, it can not be perfect in a million of years, at least with this game because you can not target more of two or four weapons in the same enemy and you must move it a lot. But it will be enough fun and obviously, it compesates it with the addition from many fighter squadrons.

The Pinance is other headache but probably I can fix it easily soon. The Providence or the Bulkwark are improved. They are better designs for space combat.

You can note by the videos how the starships need more time reloading and figthers are not too efective attacking enemy starships, I increased the reload from the special ability attacks which it can cross shields easily. Now the battles, at least for me are more fun.

Other changes are from ground. One problem or I should say different thing from CIS and Republic, it is how there are not anti-air units, there are ground units which they can target air units but they are not nothing as the AT-AA. By this reason, fighters, specially the Republic ARC or Y-Wings with shields can make many damage. However, with the CIS at least, I improved the missiles from the ground turrets and other units a bit.

Of course attack a enemy base continue being difficult. At least it is not very easy. It needs tactics. But you will not see the main ground turret at all the planets and it balances a lot the game.

More improves. The CIS MAF, it was a bit poor. Now it is perfect. Other improved units is the LAAT.

You can see the Umbarian walker, I have fixed the problems with the main gun. Now it is probably the most powerful unit from the CIS. Very fun.

For end. There is a small problem with the mod. The lag. With a good AI running around the galaxy, you will see lag. Any solutions? for me the best is reduce the galactic speed in the game options, it fixs most of the problem and the game does not go slow. It is a small price by a good AI.;)