FOC Alliance 7.6X – Clone Wars improves III

Well. Today I continue improving the Clone Wars. There are a lot of changes. Mostly the units are all them ready. I do not see big problems and all with them were improved. The galactic mode is ready.

However, there will be some imperfect things, they are imperfect because it can not be made better. One thing are the space units filter. It has a small problem at combination with the building of shipyards. Some times, you will note how you will not be able to see the filters, it can be easily because the way made for to build the shipyards, where you must build one thing telling you how you buy capacity for it, it lets you build unlimited shipyards. I do not know how it can fixed. If you want know, this way lets build a different shipyard to the human player than the structure builded by the AI. It can look strange but it fixs another problems with these type of new factions.

Other problem which it can not be avoid very probably, it is the lag, if you want a active AI, you will see lag. Perhaps I can tweak it a bit more but it can be difficult. However, with reduce the galactic speed, at least at my computer, it does not happen too much.

Other problem, for me worse. It is how when you have a lot more of planets than the AI, it does not attack you too much. Specially if you have more structures in them. It is normal from the perspective from how you are too strong against the AI. But from my point of view, the biggest problem from it, it is how when human and AI start with one of three planets, you always conquer new planets faster and at the end, you have more planets than the AI. This is the reason because I do not like too much start with one planet and at least with the Clone Wars, the AI will have advantage in the begining with more units and planets. I should make the same with the Total War conflict. They were the unique where all factions start with a very similar amount of forces and everybody can see how it is not fun when everything is conquered.

Anyway, probably I can tweak it a bit more before I release the mod.

Other new thing, not a problem. It is the new addition from ground mines, orbital asteroid mines, the stock market and the farms. All them give credits randomly. Sometimes more than others. Another feature is how you can not build all them at all the planets. You can see in the description what planets can build them

Ah, in the last video, clearly, you can see the new proyectiles. They look better. A lot better.

And, with lucky, soon, perhaps at one week, I will release the new version.