FOC Alliance 7.6X – Starting a GC

Before I release the new version, perhaps I bit late, I have been starting new GC testing somethings.

One main change is the GC where you started with a single planet. By my experience, the human player must start with less forces than the AI. The AI must a advantage for to balance things. It will have more planets and more forces in the begining.

Mostly human players will start these GC with nothing. The heroes will be a lot slower, I have removed the high speeds from them. It will avoid you from conquer planets very fast. At the end, beginings will be difficult. You can reduce the game difficult if you have problems.

About lag. I am improving it. There are some values which I am testing.

But it will not be the unique change. The AI will be improved for to stimulate its attacks each some of time. The point is avoid a high build of units from the AI but stimulate it for attack you a bit more. It is not easy, but I have some good ideas based at a combination with some new code.

About the mod, I want release it these week or the next monday, with my birthday. I always release something at this date.;)