FOC Alliance 7.6X – Almost finished

Well, the mod is almost finished. All the last problems improving the AI from Clone Wars, the GC and more are resolved. Now, you can see in the video how the AI will give a good fight.

Now there are many additions and changes, by this reason, I will add a faq about them at my forum. Specially, there are new ground structures, you can see in the video some of them. The AI Amplifier was before but now………if you build it, it will be removed after you build it. This structure lets to the AI build different units than the human player. At a first place for this new version, I made another thing which it spawned when you build it two different structures depending from who was the owner but it did not work as I wanted and the AI was slower.

About the lag, I fixed most of it. Now it works better. Well. One of the next days from this holy week, I will release the new version.