FOC Alliance 7.6X – You will need a helmet :)

Well. Clearly one of the features will be a AI more hard than at previous versions. Playing the Clone Wars is difficult and you will need all your forces against it. It is not bad, it is perfect, I wanted recover this feature from older versions which it was replaced some time ago with a AI slower and less powerful. The hard level is more from the original game.

Now you will need some of time fighting against the AI, losing systems and conquering others for to defeat the AI. It will be a lot more fun.

About the mod, almost finished, just I was playing looking for some units as the command ship which it could be builded at too many amount by the AI. With the ground units, probably it will happen, it can not be avoided. Ground units can not be limited at amount, a ground unit limited, it disappears when reach the limit.

Other change is the AI starbases from Clone Wars. Now it is random, by default, you can not be sure about the type of starbase, by this reason if you enter a system and you discover a starbase 5, it will not be a problem, even if other time you find a starbase 4.

However, now, you can find a starbase 5 controlled by the AI at a planet with starbase 1 limit. It is a feature thought for increase the difficult.

Other features from starbases are the random reinforces, both for the AI and human player, and the defense stations random for the AI. The human player has not golans if it does not build them. But the AI. Really it does not build them but you will not see any difference with these things created for to give you a better fight.;)

About light in the space and ground maps, as always it is random. Some times darker, some times with more light.