FOC Alliance 7.61X – Golan I new ability

Yes, I go to upload a new patch today or tomorrow. I have added some important fixes relationated with the spanish language and new features for somethings.

One of these new features is a new ability for the Golan. In the image, you can see a Golan I with its new rocket ability and its new proyectile, a barrage of missiles.

The Golan II fires advanced missiles and the Golan III advanced torpedoes, specially the Golan III has a higher range with this proyectiles and they make a lot more of damage. However torpedoes are slower.

The complete list from changes in the next patch will be these:
*Golan I, II, III, new abilities.

*Vader receives the Executor after reach level tech 5 in the Total War GC.

*Fighter Factory can be builded.

*Some small tweaks in the AI.

*Fixed AI selection menus from Small Total War GCs.

*Fixed abilities from some Droid TIE Fighters, they crashed the game.

*Improved blast gun from some Black Sun units.

*Added research stations to the Black Sun, it prevents to them from build some powerful units too soon.

*Fixed Resurgent spawning fighters.

I will release a full version with this and a small patch for the people which they downloaded the 7.6X.