FOC Alliance 7.62XB – Finishing the GC

Well, I continue playing my Total War GC with two activated AI, Rebel Alliance and Black Sun. It is a small galactic conflict, in the 7.62XB, I have removed the GC with more planets because I do not see any point at a GC which it can not be finished without the zerobytes problem.

Now with the last improves, you can see clearly how I can play this GC without the zerobytes problem, playing thousands of battles, more attacks from the enemy than attacks from me and building a lot of units, neccesary units for defend your systems because if in the previous versions, you could build many defense structures as hypergun launchers, ion cannons, lnr mki and mkii, golans and more, now in the new version, you can not build them at all the planets and clearly, even if you have them, the AI will attack you, it will search your weaker planets and sometimes, it will attack even in the strongest planets with huge fleets. But do not worry, everything have been improved thinking at avoid the zerobytes problem and you will finish your GC.

Finish a GC, even if it is a smaller GC, it is more fun than do not finish it. If you do not finish it, you will lose all the fun and eventually, you will leave the game abandoned at your library.

If you finish the GC, you will continue trying the other GC or playing the Total War GC with different settings, different factions and enjoying more the game. It is my primary goal here.

When I finish this GC, probably I will release the 7.62XB.

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