FOC Alliance 7.62XB – Finishing the GC IV

Well. I have continued the Total War small galactic conflict. I have good and bad news. The good is how very probably I will release the new version one day of these, the bad, it is how I am not sure about the victory conditions from the Total War GC because as you will see in the video, when I defeat the Rebel Alliance, the GC finished without defeat the Black Sun. I did not happen it.

The point is how I have tried other thing but I will not be able to test it at 100% and I will release the new version without finish a GC with these new conditions. Test it, it would take me a month or probably more. I do not see the point from to wait. You will try it and the worse point can be how it can not be fixed and you must defeat all factions at same time or you can conquer all the planets from one enemy only + all the planets from all the other enemies with exception from one. Who knows. I repeat, I should test these things by myself and it would take too many time which I have not. Specially when the new version is neccesary for to fix other bigger problems.

In the new video, you can see other curious things, I did not play Mon Calamari, I made it with autoresolve and I destroyed the planet with the Death Star II. I was a bit tired from to play this GC and these planets again. But the point was how the Rebel fleet, even without planets, it retreated to other planet, Jabiim, and I destroyed all them defending the planet. Have fun.

Now thinking, there are changes than in a future, I add a alternative Total War small but with other planets. Perhaps even I can link the two GC from some way as I will make with the new campaign.

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