FOC Alliance 7.62XB – Total War II weeks 0-22

Yes, I have added a alternative Total War GC. It is very different to the older because it uses other planets, most of them taken from my additions at previous versions. I find it very oxygenator if you have played the other version several times.

This new GC adds a big challenge because you can not find the powerful planets as Fondor, Kuat, Bilbringi, Bastion, Mon Calamari and several others. By this reason, the human player has less planets where build ships and other things. The amount of additional resources is not big, however as before, you can get some additional credits conquering some special planets.

This new video shows the 7.61X in the main menu but I have not edited it yet. You can see in the video all the changes and improves from the last version. By example, there is one from last hour, I have reduced the amount of population neccesary for to deploy some starships as the ISD by example. Now a ISD at space battles needs 3 population points. Tycon station and other big units have a smaller value for space battles but……..I have made it as some exclusive from human player, the AI uses the older values. It will prevent battles from be overloaded and it will not give too advantage to one AI who it cheats with many other things.

I have added more last hour things but I will show you them later.

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