FOC Alliance 7.62XB – Total War II weeks 20-27

Well, It is not a mistake, it is a video from the same GC than before but I started again it. I made some tweaks in the damage settings and I wanted test them.

Now when I fix a missing text and few more, I will release the new version. About last changes, now many of the SSD with the strange tractor beam which it looked as a slow laser, they have a tractor beam, one automatic, set as a third ability. Others add a tractor beam but they have a third blast ability.

Another change was trying to make SSD and other big ships more resistant to the damage and now normal proton torpedoes, missiles and some of the lasers from fighters can not make a simple scratch in the shields from these big ships. Only advanced proton torpedoes, heavy rockets and bombs are effective against them. Speaking from proyectiles fired by fighters/bombers.

I started another proyect for to improve the damage from space ships but I do not know if I will finish it or how many time it will take me. It is a risky proyect, long and difficult. We will see the next months. Well, I suppose how I will release the new version one day from the next days.

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