FOC Alliance 7.62XB – Total War II weeks 29-36

Well, the mod is very mature for a release. But curiously, as always with me, when I am finishing, I add more good things. This time, I have made a upgrade from the damage system for all space units and weapons, specially centered in the shields and big starships.

The point was how a user at youtube told me if it could be improved and I knew how it should be improved but it is not some easy, the original game had a system a bit simple and I upgraded it in the past but as many things upgraded, after it, if you want upgrade it more, it is not easier, it was a bit complex. However I could develop a modification from my previous system and even if it is not perfect by two reasons, first it is a RTS where shields are as a sphere around a ship but you can not control any sides and second damage is acumulation of all the damage from all units which many of them have more of one type of weapons.

These points will not avoid how if your Super Star Destroyer is attacked by a big amount of ships (even if they are less powerful) your SSD shields will down eventually. But now the fights are more realistic and better. Specially because now the damage from weapons is more calculated and it is totally different from the original.

Other changes are fighters/bomber proyectiles. Missiles and Proton Torpedoes does not make too damage in the most powerful ships. Just Advanced Proton Torpedoes, Heavy Rockets and Space Bombs are good against these starships.

At few words. The survival from the big ships is the key from the last update. You will see in the next version more about it.

About the GC from video, Total War II. This GC is more for advance players, it is more difficult, it uses different planets where you can not build ships in many of them, they are many weak planets with poorer defenses and playing against all factions is not easy.

Perhaps watching the video, you think how the minor factions have defeated the Rebel Alliance and Black Sun easily but………it is bad perception, you would be ignoring how these two factions have trigger, the moment that you start to conquer more planets and you build the research stations for to build better units. Very probably when it happens, they will defeat all the minor factions and they will search my neck. Have fun.

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