FOC Alliance 7.62X (released)- Total War II weeks 36-47

Another video from the new version which you can find at my site from now. There is a small patch for the people with the 7.61X installed and a full version with all.

In the video, you can note more than before the new changes in weapon damage for all the space units. For me, it is better. But I am sure how somebody will tell me how some units are very powerful or perhaps very weak. It can happen, test everything would take me months and by this reason the mod is beta.

There are two things which you will not see in the video. First the final version from mass drivers. Now they are weaker than at previous versions but this weapon can cross shields and even if it makes a small damage, it continues being very powerful, however, it is the key from Black Sun units. They have smaller units but they have this type of weapons.

Another last hour improve are the fighter lasers, they were a bit big. Now they are smaller. But in a future, I would like create all the fighters with the same scale where I can add more exact proyectiles at scale for all them. Now they are better but very probably, they are not perfect.

More small things. Some of them can be considered problems, non-tested things and non-perfect things.

Many SSDs have now a tractor beam, at some of them, you can not select the tractor beam and it is automatic. By unknown reasons, I suspect how when the special code activate the tractor beam from the SSD, it activates the tractor beam from other of your units. I am not sure of this, even it is not bad and clearly I did not want edit nothing of this five minutes before the release.

Skirmiss. No changes.

Tycon Station, it has a non-tested ability, it spawns some tugs which they can repair your units. This unit is useful because it can build some units at any place. In a future, I will improve more this.

Some maps wrong, perhaps. Maps from Total War II were not tested at 100% ever. I would not be surprised if some of them crash the game, I found one yesterday. But these things must be tested.

And well, everything really wrong which I find in the future will be fixed. There will be more new versions, I told you before, I want continue improving this mod more than to add new content.

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