FOC Alliance 7.63X (released 7.62X)- Total War II weeks 47-56

Well, I released the 7.62X yesterday, you can find a small patch for the 7.61X and a full version from the 7.62X.

Because I continue improving this, it would be false if I show it as the 7.62X.

A curious thing from the video is the Battledragons from Hapan, I am sure how this will be the type of unit which some people will say how it is very powerful.

Yes, it is more powerful than a ISD MKI or a MKII because it can reload weapons faster, it deploys a special mine which it disables the enemy units, it fires turbolaser+ion guns at same time but in this video you will not note it too much, at least with graphics and the Battledragon has the exact shields from a ISD MKII.

These are the reasons because the Battledragon look very poweful and I find it realistic because in the books, it is descripted as a very powerful unit.

For end. For your information, there will be only one or two more videos from this galactic conquest because as I said when I started it, it is very insane and the zero bytes error, it can be seen in the week 70. Playing with less AI factions, two, I am sure how it does not happen but I will try the GC with a different amount.

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