FOC Alliance 7.63X (released 7.62X)- Total War II weeks 58-72

Continuing the Total War II GC. This time you can see the feature from the Tycon station. At first place, I thought how I could add some units which they were builded as Arc Hammer makes but it had been poor and nothing new. By this reason, this huge station, now, it lets you build shipyards at all the planets, a great resource at this GC where you can build them only at few planets.

For the record. You can build unlimited shipyards, at least you can try but you will lose your money because if you build one where there is one shipyard, your new shipyard will be removed. Have fun. It prevents you from build too many space structures with this abilities.

Other things are the last settings for the mass driver. Now I believe how I made the most correct. These proyectiles cross shields but they does not make too damage, at least depending from the type of starship, when more powerful, less damage, however, there are several type of mass driver, the Black Sun SSD fires the most powerful. Another change is the range, the less powerful has a short range and the most powerful has not a high range as some turbolaser.

Other point is how the mass drivers can cross the shield from the shield station but if you upgrade this station, it will protect you from almost everything.

Another weapon increase are the Gauss weapons from starbases, Implacable Battlecruisers and other starships (the orange four shots proyectile) and the weapons from the small golans. Now you can defense your station better.

You can see in the video the Golan proyectiles. The damage from missiles can cross shields as many other type of proyectiles which they explode when the are close to the target. But the missiles make a low damage.

Another curious thing is the Battledragons being easily defeated by a Dominace fleet. You can see the correct proyectiles from Battledragons. At other battle, you can see a Assertor fleet. Now the battles ship vs ship are better, perhaps longer but the most powerful units are not destroyed too fast. They can receive more damage at shields and if the enemy does not destroy the shields hardpoints, they can restore shields if they can avoid the fire from the enemy.

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