FOC Alliance 7.63B – Return to the past II

Well, I did not like my previous change in the scale from fighters/bombers and all the space ships under 100 meters lenght. By this reason as if the previous had been a training, I edited all them and I have made them with a scale perhaps less realistic but where they continue being small and you can see them in the space without problems.

The same scale for all add a great advantage making other things as engines or proyectiles, things which now I will improve and now all these small units can share between them. Things like these increase the performance from all the mod.

There are other thing in the video, one new and other which it was not showed before. The second is the ability from Dodonna capturing enemy starships, I could run the ground ability in space. Have fun.

The second feature is the ground combat, before the ground structures, barracks and factories, they added unlimited ground units. Now…..they will be limited, you will receive them in a point from the ground map and they will be random. Specially the last is the best point because in a similar way to the space combat, you will not fight with or against the same units in all the ground battles. Other point is how I have not set these reinforces by tech levels and now, if you have a Imperial Advance Heavy Factory, you can get a Super Heavy Walker by example.

With exception from changes, ground combats will be as you see.

For the record, this is a new GC playing without the Black Sun a Total War II, with the Rebel Alliance against the Empire, Hutts, Chiss, Hapan and Corporate Sector. I need know if this can be finished with this amount of factions or if it can not be finished, I should give the option from disable some of the AI from them.

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