FOC Alliance Rebellion – RB Rebels GC- things start to be hard-part 50

Today, I go to change the way of to play a bit. Because I have edited a bit the multiplayer mode. Now, when you want build an Advanced Command Center with the Empire, Rebels or Black Sun, you will need the Advance Construction Ship.

In multiplayer, the Advance Construction Ship will be neccesary if you want build the Advanced Command Center with the Empire, Rebels, Black Sun and if you want build a shipyard. As before, in multiplayer, you will build groups of units builded in a similar way to the disband from singleplayer.

Playing multiplayer with the Rebel and Empire, some of the main heroes can get a Advance Construction Ship.

At the same time I am updating the mod with several models improved, it can prevent some crashes and graphic problems.

Perphaps I will add another big change which I have been testing.

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