FOC Alliance Rebellion – Rebellion GC, playing with Rebels part 37

The Gozanti IGV55 is fully finished, even with its abilities. But the next update goes to take some more of time, I suppose how it is not a surprise for you. ;D The point now is finish some new features and units. All the new communications starships from all factions are a priority. They are very neccesary.

Other notable change is the space maps, I have been editing the light from all them. Mostly trying avoid the blink is shadows seen in space maps as Alderaan in the next video. Other change is the dark from some night variants added in all the maps. Previously there were some very dark where you could not recognize the different units. I did not like it.

Now the night variant is dark but instead from show by example a very dark planet, you can see the lights from cities and part of the terrain, similar to the photos from earth seen from the space. With starships, they are darker but not too dark and you can see their lights, explosions and more over them without problems.

Othert addition from space maps are the enemy reinforces attack. I have fixed it, it was removed in the previous update. This feature spawns some additional enemy reinforces when the forces from the enemy are not too big. Now the spawn zones from these attacks will be random and sometimes they can attack your back.

Other difficult addition will be the Pirate sneak attack, a small and fast attack from Pirates can happen sometimes. These things will increase fun and difficulty.

And one point more about difficulty. I will edit again the difficulty settings. Hard will be harder and AI units will make more damage than your units. If you want play a equal game, you can choose normal.

Well these will be the main changes from the next version.

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