FOC Alliance Rebellion – Rebellion GC, playing with Rebels part 40 & 41

Very closer to the next update, a few more of work in the space maps and I will upload the files. You can note at this video the improves in them. There are some additions as new enemy spawn position s or additional stations in space maps. Some of them variants of others without weapons.

After this update, I will continue working in some improves, specially in the AI because play in hard level can be a bit easy, just it needs a small adjust, Golans are probably so effective. But I have two or three very good improves for it.

Well, probably a good date for the next update be the next week thuesday or wednesday.

About future, far or non too far future. After Rise of Skywalker film, I can imagine me adding all the heroes from the new trilogy and more units because we will know everything about the Resistance era. There will not be lagoons in the story and I will adapt it inside the old UE story. Just it.

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