FOC Alliance Rebellion – Rebellion GC, playing with Rebels part 42

Before the update, improving some small things as Golans without too much AA defense or adding torpedo ability to the TIE Bomber. Testing and checking other small things.

Playing this weekend I noted several things. First the AI attacks are too weak to destroy most of the defenses. By this reason, I removed the anti-fighter main weapons from Golans. Anyway, it will need another special tweak if I want a difficult game. Probably special enemy reinforces thinking in defeat a Golan. Other point would be good if the reinforces were better advance units but I must study how I can add it detecting the tech level, I have some ideas about this because if not, the Empire and Rebel Alliance spawn always older units. With the Starbase reinforces, it is not a problem. But with the additional AI attack forces, it is a bad thing.

I will improve somethings as the defense circles from the main starbase because the Ion defense circle can get a lot of damage without be destroyed.

Not seen in this video but I added a good option. Now the friendly interdictors do not stop a friendly fleet. It is a idea specially thought for the AI but it has a its own logic because a Interdictor does not block all the space, it is more as a directed gravity arc set for a space position. This option will prevent you from attack a planet and block your own units with it.

Now thinking, it would be good an option, only for the AI where if you use a interdictor in a battle, it would attack your interdictor. I wanted add this type of small code customizations. They can be possible.

I will release the next update this week but tomorrow, when I will have more free time than today, I will add it and other small code features. Mostly increasing difficulty and balance. Not too much because you can see how the AI launchs thousands of attacks.

Other point did not note before. There was a bug in the AI tech levels and by this reason, it uses older units. Probably it affected to the difficult level from the attacks, very very very probably. But I can jump this problem and continue the GC with a stronger AI and it should be. We will see it tomorrow in the next video. In the uploaded version will be very fixed. Of course, before I add new AI features, I must test it because it is not equal an AI attacking you with VSD1 than VSD3 or ISD3 between many other super units. In this point of the GC, we should see even World Devastators. 🙂

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