Star Wars- The Rise of Skywalker second trailer, what do you think?

I read about the trailer in the begining of the day and I have been curious about some things. After I have watched it. I can say how the media invent more things than we see and by one time, I believe how JJ made his homework. Why do I say it? because I believe these things from the scenes showed.

At my opinion the story shows the search from something, a hidden fleet of ISDs and they go searching it around the galaxy, finishing their journey in the wreckage of the Death Star 2. Very probably because they search location in the computers or personal stuff of Palpatine inside the DS2. What about the Dark Rey? the DS2 is as the cave in Dagobah, a place where Palpatine died and it is covert by the dark side. Rey watches a dream about her as a sever of the dark side, just it.

Ah the thing firing two super lasers is the Onager.

Why do I say how JJ has made his homework? because the story remembered a lot to the Trilogy of the New Republic with the search of the Katana fleet. At least looking these scenes and thinking the same than me. 😉

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