FOC Alliance Rebellion-RB Rebels GC-Counterattack-part 63 & 64

Lately, I am playing a lot with my old i5, have fun. Because the AI has conquered again several star systems inside my sectors, now I must defend me each time more deep in my terrain against very powerful units. Taris can be defended easily but Vahaba is a mess, there are many asteroids and they can damage my ships, however bigger ships as the SSD have not too problems with the damage from asteroids. They are huge!

Anyway, this GC is very funny because it adds a hard component where the AI returns the attacks. I go to give you a recomendation playing GC. Do not research advance units if you have not big defenses because the AI goes to research things at the same time than you. If you build a research station level I, the AI will start to build research stations level 1. These happens in the Rebellion GC.

In other GC the AI advance by similar ways. In the campaign is a matter from events. In skirmiss, the AI will attack you more after you research the 5 level stations. If you do not upgrade it and you build defenses, it will be easier for you. Just it.

Another video, this time  recorded in the 3600X. I alternate between my i5 and the 3600X. A very funny battle defending Yinchoor in the begining. Perhaps I should divide my big fleets and move more space units in all the planets. If not, it goes to be difficult to defeat the enemy without lose planets inside my territory.

I speak about progress in the mod here in the new forum

Remember visit the new web site , I add new content each day.

I remember you how this GC was started several time ago and somethings as the filters, some ground death animations and more can show errors when really they are correct.

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