FOC Alliance Rebellion-RB Rebels GC-Improving graphics-part 65

Few days ago, I remembered a old tool named , this tool is used as the last freestyle from Nvidia, it lets you increase the graphics adding several effects. In fact, it is better than the tool from Nvidia because it runs with all the games or at least most of them.

The previous versions from reshade were more basic, in fact, it is not the unique tool from this type, there is other named sweetfx. But the last reshade added several more options, even a complete in game menu where you can set all the filters. The unique problem can be to find the correct settings for each game and screen. I can share a profile with different effects but each screen is different and it will not look equal in your computer. However, when I find a good amount of settings, I will share them.

I remember you how this GC was started several time ago and somethings as the filters, some ground death animations and more can show errors when really they are correct.

●All the progress about the mod►

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