FOC Alliance Rebellion-RB Rebels GC-Improving graphics-part 66 & 67

Few days ago, more test with , clearly the tool improve graphics but it takes some of time improve things for your eyes. Specially good is the effect named Adaptive Sharpen because it cleans graphics a lot. But I considerer bad some effects as the HDR or Technicolor2 because they add too changes in colors and my screen is customized for my eyes. By this reason, I have made many test with and without them.

At this link, you can find good info about what is each effect.

After this video, I noted a big problem, it was how some of these effects increase gamma, I needed some time playing for to discover it and how I was dizzy after to play.

At this video, you will note how I have started to add turrets with movement in the Mon Calamari Cruisers. Another big change is the ship movement where I increased the bank turn angle from several ships. It lets them turn slower in a small amount of space without create a stupid and long turn. You can watch all the progress in the forum from my site.


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