Close Combat The Bloody First – What I wait see in the game.

Close Combat The Bloody First – What I wait see in the game.

First a bit of history. I discovered the developing of this game at 2014, after it, I have been watching very close, perhaps I have entered the Matrix forum each day after 2014…. 🙄 , the wait was at some moments a bit stressful but it deserves all the time and more.

The game took a lot of time at developing because it has not a big team developing it and at a first moment, they wanted use Unity3D as the engine for it. It had been a complete disaster for the community and I told to the developers serveral times about how you can not edit everything in Unity3D because the main data are usually compiled and the developers would not share the decompiler key from the engine. Nobody share it. You can see thousands of real games with this engine and you can not open everything in them, just some textures and code is the usual.

But I and others, the modding community from Close Combat games, we wanted a game with full edit. By this reason probably, the developers migrated the game from Unity3D to Archon. It is a engine developed by Slitherine for many of their games, from Battle Academy games to some of Warhammer games and now for the Close Combat Bloody First. This engine lets full edit and it can not be considered difficult, most of the code would be text, textures are dds and the models will use a special format from game but there are a tool and you can convert FBX models to the SF4 format. It is not difficult.

Other addition will be a map editor where you will be able to create new maps. In the past Close Combat games the creation from a new map was very slow. I wait a faster work here.

According to the developers, battles will be created with a scenario editor.

Gameplay? After all the info released, I wait a game very similar to the older CC, the strategic part will be similar to the CC3 with a lineal campaign and the tactical part more as the last Gateway to Caen. Probably because they can, they have added several new small features. I would count with it.

Graphics? I have read some bad opinions about how the graphics look old. It is not really true. If you compare with other WWII RTS, they look more realistic, without cake colors and being bad with other games, Sudden Strike 4 or Blitzkrieg 3 have better graphics but the gameplay is not from a Close Combat game, they are more as pure RTS and nobody from the old Close Combat community want some like that, it would be a shit. All you have watched the videos, Close Combat Bloody First looks as a Close Combat.

In addition, being everything at 3D, you will have a camera with a zoom, you will be able to change the view, it will be great. Probably the best change because I always wanted zoom in vehicles and soldiers.

Other thing seen in videos, it is the proyectiles, they are real. Literally, you can see the mortar bombs falling over the terrain. The machine guns are very realistic.

Vehicles. I am very interested in to add several vehicles to the game and I have prepared several for the game, you can see them in my deviantart site, from Germany and from USA

Probably the modding tools be released few time after the main game, perhaps with the first patch.

Of course, I wait a perfect movement now with the vehicles.

Another great feature from the game, it will be the continuation in the future, probably with more DLC or new complete games. Most of the games just they are released and forgotten but here, we will be playing TBF and the next releases for years.

I would like share with you more deep details but before October 3. Now I can not share more. But do not worry, just 5 days more and the game will be release.

Ah one recomendation when the game be released. It will be launched in Slitherine and Steam. But I would recomend you to buy it in Slitherine and very probably you can get a steam key for it with pay more. It is the best way with the Slitherine games. With exception from one time, it is what I have made always. My unique exception was the Battlestar Galactic Deadlock where the developers gave me the complete Steam copy and I could not get a Slitherine version. But I bought some of the DLC in Slitherine (I have not bought all them yet) . Because I can play without problems them in a computer without internet by example.

By the moment I let you now with the official screenshots published in the store site from TBF in Slitherine

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